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Vytorin is a combination drug that contains Ezetimibe and Simvastatin. It acts by causing liver to produce less cholesterol, at the same time increasing its ability to accumulate and dispose of LDL cholesterol and preventing cholesterol absorption into blood. The drug comes in tablets for oral administration and is used for treating high cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Tablets are usually administered once daily in the evening, for a protracted period of time.

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What is Vytorin?
Vytorin is an oral combination drug that contains two cholesterol medicines Ezetimibe and Simvastatin in a single tablet. The drug works by reducing total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol and at the same time increasing HDL cholesterol. The first component blocks the absorption of cholesterol from intestines into the blood, while the second component causes liver to produce less cholesterol, increasing its ability to get rid of LDL cholesterol.

When is Vytorin indicated?
Vytorin is indicated for reduction of total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides and for increase of HDL cholesterol. It is commonly prescribed for the treatment of hyperlipidemia and heterozygous or homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia. The medication can be prescribed to geriatric patients, but is not approved for use in children.

How to take Vytorin?
Vytorin recommended starting dose for most patients is 10/20 mg daily. Depending on the age of the patient, the condition treated and the cholesterol goal, the dosage can be adjusted by the doctor accordingly. The average dose may range from 10/10 mg to 10/80 mg per day. Pills are usually received as a single daily dose in the evening, regardless to meals. The medication is usually prescribed together with lifestyle changes, low-cholesterol diet and exercise.

What are Vytorin side effects?
Vytorin is usually well tolerated by most patients. However, as with any medication, side effects are possible. The most common are: headache, upper respiratory infections, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, abnormal liver tests and muscle pain. Infrequent but potentially serious side effects are: myopathy, rhabdomyolysis, unexplained allergic reactions, including angioedema, and liver damage.

When is Vytorin contraindicated?
Vytorin is contraindicated to patients with acute liver disease, to pregnant women and nursing mothers. It shouldn’t be concomitantly administered with CYP3A4 inhibitors, such as Ketoconazole, Itraconazole, Posaconazole or Voriconazole and HIV protease inhibitors as Erythromycin, Clarithromycin, Telaprevir, Boceprevir, Nefazodone or Telithromycin. The drug shouldn’t be administered to people hypersensitive to any of its components. Avoid drinking grapefruit juice together with the drug as it may increase the amount of the medication in the blood stream.