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Phenergan is an antihistamine medication used for the treatment of rashes, hay fever and other allergic reactions accompanied with itching, eczema, serum sickness, allergic rhinitis and anaphylactic reactions to foreign proteins and medications. It can be used to treat vomiting and nausea provoked by travel sickness as well as for the therapy of adult patients suffering from insomnia. Phenergan acts by changing the actions of certain chemicals in the brain.

Generic Phenergan 25 mg

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What is Phenergan?
Phenergan (Promethazine) is a drug in the group of phenothiazines. The drug is used as antihistamine in treatment of allergic reactions and it works by affecting the levels of histamine in the body. Also, the medication is used in prevention of motion sickness and treatment of nausea. Moreover, Phenergan acts as a sedative and is effective in treatment of insomnia.

What are the indications for using generic Phenergan?
Phenergan is most widely used in treatment and prevention of the following conditions:

  • Allergy is a reaction in the body to a certain irritant accompanied by the release of histamine.
  • Motion sickness is a feeling of nausea caused by certain motions, especially by riding in a moving vehicle.
The medication can be prescribed for the treatment of some other conditions, but it should always be approved by your health care specialist.

What is the dosage of generic Phenergan?
The dosage of Phenergan is determined by your medical advisor depending on your age and condition. The average dose of the medication for the treatment of allergies is 25 mg a day. The initial dose can be smaller and increased gradually depending on your response to the drug. 25 mg taken twice a day is the average dose of the medication for prevention of motion sickness. In such case the initial dose should be taken about an hour before getting into a car or a boat. The Phenergan tablets should be swallowed whole with plenty of water before meals or at bedtime.

What are the contraindications for using generic Phenergan?
There are certain contraindications to using Phenergan and you should inform your medical advisor about your medical conditions to make sure this medication is safe for you. Phenergan should not be taken by children under 2 years of age. The consumption of alcohol during the course of treatment using Phenergan should be avoided. Inform your medical advisor if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding before taking this medicine, but it is generally not recommended to consume Phenergan during these periods.

What are the adverse effects of generic Phenergan?
Adverse effects experienced by some patients may include dry mouth, dizziness, fatigue, double vision, insomnia and ringing in the ears. Inform your medical advisor immediately if these symptoms begin to worsen. Allergic reactions to the drug are quite rare, but if you notice swelling of the face and tongue, difficulties breathing, chest pain, hives or any other severe adverse effects, contact your health care specialist without hesitation.