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Ketotifen belongs to the group of medications known as antihistamines, these drugs are used to prevent and treat various allergic reactions and disorders such as allergic bronchitis, allergic rhinitis, allergic dermatitis, urticaria, hay fever and allergic conjunctivitis. Ketotifen works by inhibiting the release of specific chemicals (hestamines) from the mast cells involved in the development of allergic reactions, which helps relieve the symptoms of allergy.

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What is Ketotifen?
Ketotifen is a medication in the class of antihistamines. The medicine is used in treatment of allergic reactions and treatment and prevention of asthma attacks. However, this medicine is not a quick-relief type of drug and you should not use Ketotifen for the treatment of acute asthma attacks. The tablets of Ketotifen also have sedative properties.

What are the indications for using Ketotifen?
The medication in different forms is most commonly used in the treatment of:

  • Asthma is a condition, which affects bronchi of the lungs and causes difficulty breathing. In treatment of asthma attacks the drug works by blocking out histamine, which is released in the body as a reaction to an irritant.
Ketotifen can be effective for some other medical purposes, but such use should always be prescribed by your medical advisor.

What is the dosage of Ketotifen?
For the treatment of asthma, Ketotifen comes in the form of tablets or syrup. The dosage of this medication should be approved by your medical advisor and depend on the severity of the allergic reaction. The standard dose for an adult patient in treatment of asthma is 1 mg tablet of Ketotifen taken twice a day. Do not adjust or increase the dosage of the drug if not otherwise prescribed.

What are the contraindications for using Ketotifen?
Your health care specialist should be informed about your medical conditions, especially if you suffer from diabetes or epilepsy. The consumption of Ketotifen during pregnancy should always be sanctioned by your medical specialist. Breastfeeding is not recommended during the period of treatment, as the drug can pass through milk and have a negative impact on the baby. Alcohol and tobacco should be limited during the treatment, because it can lead to worsening of the adverse effects of the medication.

What are the adverse effects of Ketotifen?
Allergic reaction to the components of the drug is quite rare, but if you notice any symptoms, such as itching, rash, any type of swelling, difficulty breathing, you should seek medical attention without hesitation. Some patients may experience mild adverse effects from taking the tablets, such as fatigue, dizziness or troubles sleeping. But if you notice any worsening of the mentioned symptoms or appearance of stomach pain, dark urine, painful urination, fainting or vomiting, you should notify your medical advisor immediately.