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Cozaar 50 mg is an orally-active ARB with 50 mg of Losartan potassium as active ingredient. It prevents vasoconstriction, relaxes blood vessels and improves blood flow. The drug is applied in controlling blood pressure and slowing down the progression of diabetic nephropathy. It can also be used concomitantly with diuretics and other antihypertensive agents. For both conditions tablets are taken once daily with or without food.

Generic Cozaar 50 mg

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What is Cozaar?
Cozaar is a very well-known drug used for treating hypertension. It was developed long ago under the name Losartan and was in fact the first drug of its kind to be approved and sold on the American market. Today, Cozaar exists under many names and different forms, even with generic versions on the market. Cozaar is an angiotensin receptor antagonist, a category of drugs that stimulate and modulate a part of the circulatory system. It is a selective antagonist, which signifies that it influences a very specific type of organ response. Its function leads to the release of aldosterone and subsequent decrease in blood pressure.

What are the indications for using Cozaar?
Cozaar is indicated for treating one main condition – hypertension.

Hypertension (also known as elevated blood pressure) is a very common condition that occurs when arterial blood pressure rises past the point that is considered safe, and this can lead to a range of health problems. First of all, it can cause coronary heart disease and hypertensive heart disease if left untreated over a long period of time. It can also contribute to the occurrence of aneurysm, stroke, and kidney disease. Most of the time, hypertension is genetic in nature, but lifestyle factors can also weigh in heavily on its appearance. However, this medicine can also be applied to ease some complications of diabetes like kidney failure. Type 2 diabetes is a metabolic disorder characterized by high blood sugar. Just like hypertension, diabetes is often the result of poor diet, lack of exercise, etc.

What is the dosage for Cozaar?
Cozaar is typically supplied in the form of tablets, which range from 25 to 100 mg. For adults, the standard dose is 50 mg once a day, with dosage often being increased if the drug is limited in effect. For children, the standard dose is based on their body weight, but should not exceed 50 mg per day.

What are the contraindications for using Cozaar?
Cozaar is absolutely prohibited for use by pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. Patients with liver disease or hypersensitivity issues should also avoid Cozaar. Given the fact that some patients became dizzy or drowsy after taking Cozaar, patients with this issue should also avoid driving during this time period. Cozaar has been known to interact with aliskiren, lithium, ACE inhibitors and birth control pills.

What are the adverse effects of Cozaar?
Stuffy nose, nausea, back pain, diarrhea, chest pain and fatigue are all listed as possible side effects of Cozaar.